Product Line Card

JBO Johs.Boss GMbH & Co.

Carbide Thread Milling Cutters

GFG Shell Type Indexable Cutters

Thread Cutting Dies

Thread Rolling Tools

Thread Gauges

Multicheck Thread Depth Gauges

Swiss Tools

Digital Boring Tools

Swiss Bore Modular Boring Systems

Swiss Flex HSK Toolholders

Swiss Flex HSK-T Turning Tools

Swiss PSC Turning Tools

Steiner Technologies

Automatic Backspotfacing Tools

Air, Coolant and Torque Bar Activated

Extended Range and Bearing Guided

Bilz Flexispeed and Powerbore Indexable Drills



Rigibore Inc.

Micron-Adjustable Units

UFP-Ultra Fine Adjustable Cartridge

Active Edge/Closed Loop & Remote Adjust

Smartbore/Digital Adjusting Cartridge

I.S.O Cartridges

Indexable Inserts


Multi-Mill Extreme Endmills

Aluma-Flo Endmills for Aluminum

Solid Carbide Reamers

24 Hour Special Diameter Reamer Service


CNC Self-Reversing Tappers

Synchroflex Rigid Tap Holders

Marking Heads

OMG Right Angle and Speeder Heads

Dry-Cut MQL and Dispensing Systems


Ceramic, SiAlON and Silicon Nitride Inserts

Tipped and Solid PcBN Inserts

Ceramic Milling and Grooving Tools


Right Angle Heads

Speeder Heads

Multi Spindle and Feed-Out Hea


Single Flute Gun Drills

BTA Indexable Drill Heads

Indexable Gun Drills

Hahnreiter Prazision

HSS-E and Powdered Metal Taps

Coolant Hole Taps

Cold Forming Taps

Application Specific Taps

HAM Precision

Hi Performance Super Drills and Endmills

Straight Flute Multidrills

Extra Length Deep Hole Drills

NT Tool

Slim Line and Power Hydraulic Chucks

Milling Chucks

Tap and Tool Holders


Grooving, Boring, Profiling, Threading

Groove Milling, Threadmilling, Fine Boring

Broaching, Polygon Milling


Avant-Easy Change End Mills

Multiring Cutters

Hi-Feed Cutters